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The Fe(m)stival project connects between art and society. It forms a bridge between the principles of equality and the creation of diverse, female-driven art and strengthens the bond between artists and their community. The Fe(m)stival project advances female artists, presenting content regarding identity and female experience to a wide range of audiences, specifically underprivileged groups. The project takes place in a number of locations throughout Israel and includes community processes spanning the duration of the year including artistic processes in the larger community, one-time workshops that are open to all, panels and dialogues, festivals, performances and more. Fe(m)stival is a triangle whose points are art, feminism and community. 


Fe(m)stival is an annual event for feminist performing arts. The festival deal with the female experience via the moving body. Fe(m)stival places at its core the necessary and revolutionary possibility to discuss women’s issues- a meeting that allows for dialogue and collaboration between artists from different fields and their audience, between women and other women, between art and thought, between action and experimentation, between the active, performing, speaking body and the observing, listening and reacting body. 


As part of the festival, premieres from the fields of dance, performance, spoken word, music and others occur alongside exhibitions, discussions, panels, workshops and more. The festival occurred for the first time in 2017 as the initiative of choreographer Ayala Frenkel, curator and artistic director of Fe(m)stival. From 2017-2019, was coproduced and hosted by the Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam. 



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The Choreographers Association is an umbrella organization for independent choreographers and special dance projects. Fe(m)stival is one such project. Recognized Organization- 580215333 Board of Directors: Dr Yael (Yali) Nativ, Tzila Rozenblum, Hagit Neeman, Revital Ben Asher Peretz, Yossi Levi. Staff: Sharon Bar Lev (CEO), Amit Hadari, Ruth Valerinski, Tal Heichman, Ifat Meshulam. 

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Kelim is an international center and home for contemporary dance in Bat Yam. The center has hosted the Fe(m)stival since 2017 and the annual festival occurs in its spaces. Kelim is a women-run organization directed in a feminist manner, sharing the tenets of the Fe(m)stival. 

Staff: Morahn Bash (CEO), Anat Danieli (Artistic Director), Tal Gravinsky (Education and Community). 



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Ayala Frenkel

Ayala Frenkel is a choreographer, curator, dancer and feminist. Throughout the years, Ayala has led and participated in a number of projects that connect community and art and strive to offer, from within the artistic-dance knowledge, a meaningful meeting of different groups. Ayala is a graduate of the “Societal Art about Violence Against Women” course (School of Societal Art, 2020). She is currently finishing her studies towards a BA, majoring in the history of art and philosophy at the Open University and is beginning the course for the “Training of Agents of Change and Performing Artists and Cinematographers” (The School for Peace).

Ayala has been a member of the Choreographers Association since 2018. Her work as an artist function as a meeting point between feminism and choreography. Her creations have been presented by various festivals throughout Israel and abroad and have been supported by the National Lottery, the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s Fund for Independent Artists and by several residency programs. As an independent dancer, she collaborated with the Yasmeen Godder Company, Batsheva Dance Company (the Kamuyot Project in Sweden), Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, Tamar Borer, Dana Ruttenberg and others. As a teenager, she studied ballroom and Latin dance and was a champion in the field. 

In 2017, Ayala established the Fe(m)stival and has directed the project since. She serves as the curator and Artistic Director of its various facets. Fe(m)stival is a Choreographers Association project. 

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