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At the end of April 2017, the first edition of what felt necessary: an event in which women-artists from different media meet to present creations that speak about women and femininity. Ayala Frenkel, choreographer and curator established the event driven by a burning awareness of the disparity between the stages offered to female artists, their place in key positions in the dance field and a general preference favoring male images in the dance world as in other artistic fields. Rooted in the belief in the power of art to offer an alternative reality, Ayala curated and led the event with the collaboration of the Kelim Choreography Center. In the event, creations dealing with female art, with the creation of a new, alternative and critical language, with content relating to the female form, birth, sexuality and biology and the dance that is bred by the female form and is grounded in the writings of feminist philosophers and thinkers was presented. 


Fay Shapiro performed with her poems (The Song Show of the Future) and led an open workshop inspired by the scores of the Paulin Method. 

Michal Shamir (lecturer and artist, Director of Cultural Studies at the Sapir College) led a discussion with Tamar Mor Sela (author and journalist) about her bestseller “Awakened Women Talk Sexuality” with Reuma Zoher Chayot (photographer and artist) whose work is included in the book. As such, photographs from the book were displayed in an exhibition of the main space of the Kelim Choreography Center. 


Performances: Merav Dagan and Stav Marin (Come Closer) Anat Danieli (Ana Vagana with the collaborating dancer Omer Uziel). Ayala Frenkel (2Her with the collaborating dancer Noa Shavit). Catering: Orly Almi and Stav Struz. 

Artistic Direction: Ayala Frenkel, Direction Committee and Administrative Management: Anat Danieli. Production: Morahn Bash. Graphic Design: Simona Katsman. Light Design: Ofer Laufer, Amir Castro.

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