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Fe(m)stival, as the name implies, is a celebration of women meeting one another, the joy of a plethora of female, artistic voices coming together with a spotlight on artistic creation emerging  from the female body. Alongside the celebration, the festival serves as an active, artistic protest that was born to challenge existing structures and calls for inclusion and the dismantling of hierarchies in the artistic field and in all other fields. 

Fe(m)stival 2019 focuses on the connection between the female body and space with a feminist perspective and strives to offer a new take on the body and geographic, cultural and communal space. 

During the days of the festival, the aesthetically pleasing space of Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam hosted a variety of works and allowed for each of them to be met in an intimate and direct way. Works by new choreographers alongside works by young artists, works with many participants next to minimalist creations, artists working in the periphery next to artists based in the center, young dancers alongside veteran performers, dance artists together with musicians and spoken word performers as well as different audiences meeting one another. 




The “Body in Time” conference for elderly performing women: different perspectives on the experience of the seasoned and mature body regarding performance. 


Panel: led by Anat Danieli, Galit Liss and with the participation of audience members and performers from the Gila Workshops. Dr. Yali Nativ presented her research on the experience of the aging body based on dancers above the age of fifty and guided a discourse with the choreographer and movement researcher Michal Shahak. In the conference, a number of works were presented, which had been created by members of the Gila Workshops, a platform for movement and choreography for women in their golden years led by Galit Liss. 


Video works: Performances dealing with feminism created by students from The Kibbutzim College’s Art Department. In parallel, discourse circles were led by Dr. Hadara Sheflan Katsav and the artist Shahar Markus together with the students and audience members. 

Premieres: Adi Shildan (Suddenly, You Smiled at Me), Dege Feder (BUG),

Anat Shemgar (View Cuts, in collaboration with the musician Dan Weinstein).  

Voguing Workshop: Gaston Osiris.

Artistic Direction: Ayala Frenkel, Direction Committee and Administrative Management: Tamar Feldman Ben Hanan, Anat Danieli. Production: Morahn Bash. Live Production: Kim Teitelbaum. Community Outreach Management: Tal Gravinsky. Graphic Design: Shani Ben Haim. Public Relations: Moran Paz. Marketing: Ayala Frenkel. Light Design: Rotem Elroy.

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